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Msc.Automation and Industrial Informatics

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Specialization Automation and Industrial Informatics of the study program Automation and Instrumentation Engineering provides comprehensive education in the field of automatic control and instrumentation of automatic control, including computer technology and microelectronics, informatics, databases, algorithms, basics of artificial intelligence from fuzzy systems through neural networks to image analysis. Attention is paid to actuators. Modeling and simulation is an important part of the basic knowledge background.
The common part of the study program Automation and Instrumentation Engineering is focused on gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in the design and implementation of systems for monitoring and control of industrial processes using both classical design tools and artificial intelligence methods. Furthermore, the study focuses on the implementation aspects of instrumentation, including special technological procedures that must be taken into account in their design. In combination with sensors, SCADA systems and embedded systems and the principles of rapid prototyping, which are also part of the common part of the study, there is the potential to master the knowledge and skills needed for comprehensive design of instrumentation and automatic and autonomous control of industrial complexes in compliance with the development of Industry 4.0. More information at https://www.fs.cvut.cz/en/prospective-students/accredited-study-programmes/master-study-programmes/apt-en/

Graduate profile

Students gain necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the position of an independent expert - specialists, or the position of head of a specialist. This allows him to use in various industries as well as research in the application of management and information systems, and then in the design, construction and utilization of machines, equipment and technological procedures specific for precision mechanics and optics. Given that this study is very interdisciplinary oriented, prepares graduates for a quick mastery of complementary knowledge from different specialty areas. The most common activities and operations to which the graduates are ready, and to meet the demands of companies and employers from the instrumentation and control technology are: Design and construction of standard instrumentation (ie. Products for pressure, flow, temperature, force, acceleration, speed etc.), and special devices (using nanotechnology, ultrasound systems to detect internal defects in material and special visualization devices, cameras, etc.), including devices, to support natural science research (binoculars, telescopes). Furthermore, modeling and optimization of the properties controlled systems (eg. Power distribution systems, HVAC systems, remote hot water network), systems design management of the internal environment of the interior, analysis of complex energy systems (boilers, turbines, power units) and automation machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. Graduates have experience in using software tools with artificial intelligence for decision support operators of complex systems.


Applications start 3rd January 2023
Applications end 31st March 2023
Start of study: 25th September 2023
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Admission requirements

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Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5100 per year
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