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Ph.D.Engineering Informatics in Transportation and Telecommunications

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Transportation Sciences

The PhD study program "Engineering Informatics of Transportation and Communication" contains disciplines as information and communication s technology (ICT) applied in transport and logistics. The program involves utilization of innovations in microelectronics, computing (hardware and software), in telecommunications and opto-electronics, microprocessors, fibre optics and innovative and new solutions for road and rail transport, similarly as for air and water transport. These innovations enable the processing and storage of enormous amounts of transport data and information. The strong role plays rapid distribution of information through communication networks for traffic control technologies having strong meaning in safety and security of transport in all its modes. Information and communications technology are studied as the support of the complex systems, transmitting and processing information and commands among the various parts of transport and logistic networks. It can be considered as the basis of intelligent transport systems.

Graduate profile

Graduates will be able to take part in solutions of scientific and inovative tasks in the field of intelligent transport systems (ITS), cooperate in the research works having the deep knowledge of theoretical instruments in informatics, telecommunications, system logistics and the transport and traffic control.


Applications start 12th June 2017
Applications end 15th June 2017
Start of study: 23rd September 2019
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Admission requirements

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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5110 per year
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