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Ph.D.Mechanics of Solids, Deformable Bodies and Continua

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Doctoral study in the above field expands knowledge from the study branch Applies Mechanics and certain design branches.The study programme provides highest possible education in technical mechanics of solids, deformable bodies and continua. The field comprises modelling of machine equipment and assessment of the corresponding ranges of validity of models by means of mechanics of bodies, machine mechanics, oscillation of mechanical systems, statistical mechanics, controlled mechanical systems, strength of machine structures, material fatigue, experimental elasticity, theory of elasticity and plasticity, technical continuum mechanics, dynamic strength and service life. The graduates gain expert knowledge corresponding to the selected branch of study and thorough theoretical fundamentals of the entire field.

Graduate profile

Graduated obtain specialized knowledge according to their specialization and quality theoretical basis of the whole field.


Applications start 1st January 2017
Applications end 30th April 2018
Start of study: 23rd September 2019
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Admission requirements

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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5110 per year
České vysoké učení technické v Praze