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Msc.Nuclear Chemistry

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

The curriculum provides graduates with a good basis in maths and physics and theoretical and practical training in basic chemical fields such as physical, analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. On this basis the study of all disciplines of nuclear and radiochemistry is developed. Emphasis is put on the practical application of skills in research and engineering. Graduates have a good theoretical knowledge and are trained for work in radiochemical and chemical laboratories. They know the methods of ionising radiation detection, separation methods, radioanalytical and methods of radiation chemistry. They are familiar with technology of nuclear materials, radiation protection and environmental chemistry.

Graduate profile

They have skills required to use radiochemical and chemical methods to solve analytical, ecological, physico-chemical, chemico ? biomedicinal and technological problems. They are employed in research institutes, medical facilities, nuclear energy industries and chemical industries, designated institutes and the engineering of research and operation.


Applications start 1st December 2017
Applications end 22nd September 2018
Start of study: 23rd September 2019
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Admission requirements

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Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 4880 per year
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