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Bc.Air Transport

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Transportation Sciences

The study field Air Transport (LED) focuses on education of future air transport professionals. The syllabus is based on practical and current requirements of the EU which are implemented in the Czech Republic. The subjects have been chosen to include operational and organizational aspects of air transport, which are closely linked in real operations. Among the main ones are: Commercial Aspects of Air Transport, Air Traffic Management, Navigation, Flight Planning, Airport Operations. The technical part of the course includes aircraft as a specific means of transport including design of aircraft engines, knowledge of their operational capabilities, general requirements on aircraft parts and maintenance requirements. The course is complemented with selected topics in economic and law.

Graduate profile

The study field is focused on the education of university-degree graduates proficient in operations and technology in civil aviation in the Czech Republic and worldwide. The syllabus is based on qualification requirements applicable in a uniform manner in all EU countries. Graduates can find jobs in air transport in a number of other European countries in operational, technical and administrative positions. They are prepared to take medium management posts in airlines, airport operators, air traffic control providers as well as supervisory functions at the Czech Civil Aviation Authority or at the Department of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Transport.


Applications start 1st May 2019
Applications end 9th August 2019
Start of study: 21st September 2020
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Admission requirements

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Degree bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 4070 per year
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