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Ph.D.Transportation Logistics

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Transportation Sciences

Basic characteristics of doctoral study in the branch "Transportation Logistics" is a branch continuity with a possibility to complete narrower expert specialization in position and function of transportation in logistics in obligatory and optional parts of study block: controlling and optimization of transfer of objects and costs among nodes in transportation network, connected movements of means of transport, activities in nodes of transportation network including of management of stock holding at the begin, at the end, and during the transportation process or during transport of nodes which is made by transporters. The doctoral study branch is dedicated to scientific research and self-contained creative activity of doctoral students, especially in these areas: Management of circulatory processes, Effect of transportation as a principal phenomenon of intensification of material and immaterial flows in logistic chains, Importance and organization of information flows in control of logistic chains, their use for multi-criterial optimization of costs and size of transportation flows, Logistic technologies based on distribution processes and optimal information flows (substitution of material flow with a flow of purpose-built structured information), Quality of transport as a decisive factor of offer of transportation services in logistic chains include offer of multimodal transportation systems, Forecasts of development of logistic systems in evolution of market connections and conditions of implementation of logistic technologies in market conditions, Making of models for optimal control of complicated logistic chains and networks, Proposal of parameters of the most convenient means of transport and systems without regards to a possibility of realizations (a vision of transport in future). The doctoral study branch is oriented so that student has a possibility to deepen his theoretical knowledge for his particular scientific work within solution of research assignments under supervisor's leading. Students have been prepared for solution of complicated analytical, decisive, and implementation processes in area of effect of transportation to logistic systems not only at the level of contemporary knowledge but also visions in near and farther future.

Graduate profile

The absolvent gets deepened knowledge in applied mathematics and transportation logistics, enlarged with special knowledge in transport theory, transport technology, and modern logistic systems within study program framework. Within study branch, the student completes his narrower expert specialization with help of branch subjects study, for example Modelling of logistic chains, Combined transportation, Continual transportation, Airborne transportation in logistics, Telematic systems, Information systems and technologies, Transportation systems and infrastructure, Transportation solutions in territorial planning, Manipulation and stock holding systems, Automatization of transportation technologies. The absolvent is being prepared for solution of research-developing problems in the area of logistic. Absolvents will be investigators of research and developing projects for everlasting improvement of controlling mechanisms in logistics. Immediate connection of logistic to economy and living environment prepares the absolvents to be creators and propagators of innovative approaches of logistic solutions in all areas of human activity. The absolvent will be a specialist for research and development of new approaches for modelling of logistic problems in controlling work of companies and business organizations, where one of the most important activities is provision, transportation and marketing. The study includes methods of simulations without regards to transportation distances from the shortest to the longest and without regards to transportation times also from the shortest to the longest. The absolvent will be prepared for consistent usage of multi-criterial optimization methods with using of methods of artificial intelligence. Their research and development will be one of the most important parts of this study.The absolvent finds his use in creative solution of problems of positions and functions of transportation in logistic systems at research and developing department of universities. He finds his use also as a highly-qualified consultant on projecting and implementation of transportation and logistic systems for consulting and projecting companies.


Applications start 12th June 2017
Applications end 15th June 2017
Start of study: 1st October 2018
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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5110 per year
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