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Ph.D.Electric Machines, Apparatus and Drives

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The branch of doctoral study Electric Machines, Apparatus and Drives represents a part of the PhD program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The Department of Electric Drives and Traction FEE CTU in Prague is responsible for this doctoral study branch. The department abounds in well-equipped laboratories specialized in measuring and testing rotating and non-rotating electric machines, various types of electric apparatuses, semiconductor power converters, diverse electric drives and their microprocessor control, traction applications. The department is engaged in long-term cooperation with numerous industrial companies, research institutions and universities at home and abroad. The scientific work is primarily focused on controlled electric drives and their components including the control part. The research and development is concentrated especially into: Modern drives control methods, Semiconductor power converters, Hybrid drives and drives with alternating current motors, Electromobility, Development of low-dissipation electric rotational and non-rotational machines, Mechatronic systems, Control strategy for electric drives for various traction vehicles, Slow-motion electric drives for vehicles, Life management of energy industry devices, Research and implementation of small cogeneration units, Control strategy for hybrid automobile drives, Signal analysis of the monitored wavelength spectrum, Drive with a high-rpm disc motor having permanent magnets and integrated electric drive with magnetic bearing, Matrix converter, Multilevel converter, Research on methods and systems for measuring physical quantities and processing the measured data, Special electric drives for damping the vibration of an experimental crystallizer under conditions of residual gravity, Direct current non-commutated motor, Non-traditional slow-motion electric generators for air power plants. The research is supported by domestic and foreign grants and it is always accompanied by the practical application development in cooperation with important industrial companies and producers.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the doctoral study branch Electric Machines, Apparatus and Drives is able to solve scientific and complex engineering tasks in the field of controlled electric drives and their components such as electric machines and apparatuses, semiconductor power converters, microprocessor control systems etc. He has high theoretical knowledge on general level and specialized knowledge in the area on that his dissertation work was focused. Because of the required practical results he has good experimental background and so he is able to adapt quickly to the practical reality requirements and be brilliant both in applied and basic research. The graduate may easily become a specialist in the field of controlled electric drives and is able to work as scientist and researcher as well as manager in various institutions of basic or applied research, both at a university and in any prominent manufacturing company. He can also become a skilled user of electrical systems and devices or a designer of electric drives, their components and control systems, because he will be able to use creatively all modern technologies.


Applications start 30th November 2016
Applications end 30th April 2017
Start of study: 23rd September 2019
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Admission requirements

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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5110 per year
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