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Ph.D.Control Engineering and Robotics

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The program is designed to develop outstanding researchers and scientists for careers in academic and industrial research and teaching in Control Engineering and Robotics at leading universities and companies throughout the world. As a graduate student of the program, you will be a member of one of our top research teams internationally renowned for the originality and significance of their results. You will receive close individual support by your personal supervisor - an experienced professor and world known personality - who will guide you through your program of study and research. We merge fundamental science with the excitement of discovery and the joy of application. Research topics offered to applicants include: 1) Networked systems; Distributed and collaborative control; Platoons, formations and swarms; Analysis and control of networks. 2) Advanced optimization and numerical analysis; Nonlinear and semidefinite programming; Polynomial matrix inequalities with applications in systems and control. 3) Nonlinear systems and control theory with front-line robotic applications. 4) Distributed manipulation, including micro- and nano-scale, by shaping electric and magnetic fields. 5) Advanced aerospace control methods for future aircraft, spaceships and other space structures awaited by aerospace industries. 6) New predictive control, optimization, identification and estimation methods for power engineering, electric power transmission networks worldwide; Smart grids and renewable resources. 7) Advanced planning, scheduling and rescheduling algorithms for communication protocols, manufacturing processes, personnel organizing with direct applications in industrial networks, air traffic control, hospital operation etc. 8) Modelling, design, optimization and diagnostics of industrial networks, robots and manufacturing processes for digital factories of major European companies. 9) Complex, space-time and multidimensional systems; Systems of systems; Internet of Things; Embedded, hierarchical and discrete-event systems. 10) Control systems approaches and methods for biomedicine, economics and other non-technical fields. Doing PhD at our department is an exciting full-time job. Our students are expected to make substantial research contribution, present it at major conferences abroad and publish it in leading international journals. They often travel abroad to meet distinguished foreign researchers. For that, successful students are well rewarded and mostly paid from research projects.

Graduate profile

Next to their outstanding intellectual skills, technical strengths, creativity and ability to lead and carry forward productive research, our graduates will bring to their careers international experience and contacts, self-assurance and integrity that drive innovation, as well as communication and collaboration skills to inspire and guide others in bringing their ideas to fruition. Without much exaggeration, we can say that our graduates change the world. If you are prepared to embark on a challenging, focused, and meaningful experience, we invite you to explore the possibilities in our PhD Program.


Applications start 30th November 2016
Applications end 30th April 2017
Start of study: 23rd September 2019
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Admission requirements

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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5110 per year
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