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Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Master's degree branch Electronics ensures education in the areas of: the design of complex electronic circuits and systems with applications in instrumentation, branch Electronics has an interdisciplinary character. Professional knowledge are obtained mainly in the areas of: Electronic components, integrated circuits, sensors and actuators, design and construction of electronic systems with applications in instruments, design of integrated circuits, sensors and microsystems, optoelectronics and photonics, nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, processing of electrical signals, support activities of discrete and integrated electronic circuits. Acquiring of knowledge is focused mainly on: features and operation principles of components for electrical and non-electrical quantities (sensors and actuators), integrated circuits, including intelligent, acquiring professional knowledge for interdisciplinary applications in applied informatics, communications, robotics and sensor technology. Knowledge is obtained by using professional design world standards (programs) with the support of progressive and modern technologies, such as. Designs of integrated circuits and systems-on-chip. Branch provides engineering superstructure above the bachelor branch Applied Electronics. Branch includes research, development and application of electronic systems, including perspective areas of nanoelectronics, nanotechnologies, microsensors, microsystems and MEMS. The graduate obtains a broad base of knowledge and skills of the master's program communication, multimedia and electronics, as well as specialized knowledge in the field of subjects from a wide field of electronic systems and technologies. Application areas are in use: electronic components, integrated circuits, sensors and actuators, MEMS, nanoelectronics and nanotechnology in information technology, communications, multimedia and security technology, measurement, control, management, environment, chemistry, biomedicine and consumer electronics. Knowledge is deepened in specialized laboratories in research projects in collaboration with research institutes and companies, including foreign ones. Study branch develops knowledge of management and economic applied in the management of companies, teams, and projects. Branch provides graduates with a good scientific basis for subsequent doctoral studies.

Graduate profile

The graduates find employment in: all technical and economic areas, such as. Information technology, robotics, multimedia, communications, automotive technology biomedicine, etc. In positions of senior management personnel to support marketing and sales of electronic devices and technologies in the technical support department public relations, business and project management of high performance in companies focused on the development, sale and use of electronic equipment, but also generally in businesses such specialists to ensure electronic components in the field of information technology.


Applications start 30th September 2017
Applications end 2nd September 2018
Start of study: 23rd September 2019
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Admission requirements

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Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 4880 per year
České vysoké učení technické v Praze