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Ph.D.Enterprise Management and Economics

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

In doctoral studies, doctoral students acquire the necessary deeper theoretical and professional knowledge enabling scientific and systematic approach to independent solving of theoretical and practical problems of business management and economics. The PhD study consists primarily of the theory of management and economic disciplines, modelling decision-making processes and techniques, further methods of quantitative and qualitative analyses, project management and quality systems, management and the simulation of manufacturing processes with an emphasis on the integration of their potential usefulness in business management. Within the PhD thesis, doctoral students apply creative approach and methods of scientific work to develop the understanding of theory and practice of business management and economics. The main issue is the solving of operational and strategic controlling, cost modeling and financial flows, the comprehensive assessment of enterprises and investment, integrated engineering in the management of industrial enterprises, strategic management, marketing, project management, technical development, corporate planning systems, human resources management, legal aspects of management, quality control and the systems of business a competitive inteligence. The aim of the study is to educate graduate, which is based on deep knowledge and other skills able to comprehensively solve, objectively evaluate and formulate the initial results of the task at hand, including their international presentation or implementation.

Graduate profile

Graduates of this doctoral study programme demonstrate their capability of independent creative scientific work in fields of their respective dissertations, e.g. theory of enterprise management, strategic management including organizational structuring and also in marketing, business policy and enterprise management including logistics. Further fields are economics, both macro and micro, accounting theory, management and cost accounting, financial theory including managerial information systems and enterprise financing. Independent scientific fields are human recources management including enterprise personnel management, ergonomics and safety and work hygiene. Further fields are information management including information technologies, automated information systems, quality management including statistical analysis.


Applications start 1st January 2017
Applications end 30th April 2018
Start of study: 1st October 2018
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Admission requirements

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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5110 per year
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