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Msc.Directing of Devised and Object Theatre

Directing of Devised and Object theatre aims to provide the students with the space to explore new ways of creating and doing contemporary performance with the focus on research and development from the starting inspiration/material to turning into performative material to be shared with audience. Focus on objects and other types of material aspects of performance tends to ground the students in researching the existing material and to view it not only as something to be used in the performance but something to be explored.
The students will have the opportunity to encounter large variety of approaches to contemporary performance (different teachers and artists doing workshops) in order to understand that each artists in the contemporary performance operates differently. Further, they will be guided to over the course of the 4 semesters develop their own performative language, strategies, and poetics ? that together forms one unified research. Students will be tutored in such a way to be able to formulate their own interests, strengths and weaknesses in such a way to build a productive performative research.
Students are further invited to use theory as strong inspirational and supportive element of their research and to intertwine practice and theory in such a way that it becomes available for audiences in its performative form.
Further the students will be thought to perform, make space, use material as well as basic strategies of production so they can be able to perform multiplicity of functions and thus survive in often very poor circumstances of the independent theatre.

Graduate profile

The programme graduate will have orientation in the field of contemporary performance practice and theory with focus on most important dramaturgical issues and current trends. They will be able to critically understand them and to create new approaches to developed material, exploring it via performative tools. Further they will be able to designate appropriate methods for specific material, as well as specific ways to create performative space and the relationship to audience.
They will be independent artists critically approaching contemporary theatre and the world, while being able to use their situated knowledge, their own experiences as a tool for exploration of the world issues.
Graduates will further be capable of open and productive dialogues with the collaborators, producers and audiences. The dialogue methods that they will use will not be evaluative, judgmental dialogue but a creative dialogue that is open to difference, while being capable of catering to your own creative needs, with specific focus of looking for performative potentials rather than ?right and wrong?. For this reason, the graduates will be also able to function as collaborators and dramaturgs for other artists and groups.


Applications start 5th November 2022
Applications end 1st March 2023
Start of study: 1st October 2023
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Admission requirements

The program is designed for applicants who have completed a bachelor's degree of any type. Due to the ever-expanding field of performative arts and their application in society as a whole, the area of the first level of education of applicants for study is not limited in any way and previous experience with the performing arts is not required.

The application for study includes:
- description of the creative project for the master's study
- motivation letter
- documentation of current creative, professional or theoretical work

The condition for admission is the successful passing of the talent entrance examination and the assessment of talent prerequisites on the basis of the submitted documentation for the first round of the entrance exam. For the second round, the applicants are given a creative task, usully in the format of a theatrical video. The second round is concluded with an interview, and it is also possible for this interview to be done as a video call.

The estimated number of students admitted is 2 - 6.



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 8470 per year
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