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Bc.Dance Pedagogy

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

The Bachelor's degree in Dance Pedagogy provides an education that includes practical experience with various dance techniques and styles, methodology and didactics of dance education with a focus on folk, classical, modern and contemporary dance, and an overview of the historical development of dance. Emphasis is placed on acquiring the knowledge and skills that form the basic corpus of dance pedagogy.

Students receive a methodologically anchored education in dance pedagogy. They can choose from three specializations: classical dance, modern and contemporary dance, or folk dance. They will learn practically and theoretically about other dance techniques and styles, and methodology and didactics of dance for all age groups. They will gain an overview of the historical development of dance and the knowledge of pedagogy, psychology and voice education necessary for the future profession of teacher.

Future dance educators who undergo intensive dance practiceinformed by university studies in dance pedagogy will contribute in a distinctive way to the development of dance education.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree in Dance Pedagogy have acquired the skills of methodological and didactic thinking as well as a comprehensive understanding of movement supported by anatomical knowledge of the human body. They have also developed creative skills based on a deepening of their practical dance experience and theoretical knowledge in the selected area of focus.

The student is able to competently teach dance techniques and repertoire according to the chosen specialisation (classical dance, modern and contemporary dance or folk dance). At the same time, they gain an overview of dance history and theory, which enables them to perceive the chosen field in the context of dance in general and through other artistic disciplines and culture. Programme graduates possess broad knowledge of the history, theory, concepts and methods of the art of dance and in their selected field, and they know how to apply this knowledge in artistic/creative dance practice. They know how to seek out, classify and interpret information or sources of inspiration relevant for addressing a specific problem or for creating an artistic rendition on an assigned topic. They know how to use dance terminology and the basic technology of their given field, and how to secure the execution of a public artistic performance organisationally and with respect to copyright and technical considerations at an appropriate level. They are able, within their field and according to the general assignment and allocated resources, to coordinate the activities of a creative team in the production of an artistic work of a smaller scale and simpler nature, and to be responsible for its results. They are able to take into consideration ethical dimensions that may be involved in addressing certain problems. They are able to communicate information concerning the nature of specialist issues in the area of dance and non-verbal theatre, as well as their own opinions on how to address such issues to experts and laymen alike and in a comprehensible and convincing manner.?

They are able to communicate within the scope of their specialist knowledge and skills in at least one foreign language. They are able to independently acquire additional specialist knowledge, skills and competencies, primarily based on their practical experience but also by independently studying the theoretical approaches in the field.


Applications start 1st November 2023
Applications end 30th November 2023
Start of study: 1st October 2024
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Admission requirements

Knowledge of dance techniques at an advanced level of dance conservatory graduates; pedagogical talent and interest in the field; knowledge of music theory, overview of the history of art, dance and ballet; general cultural overview; teaching or artistic professional experience welcome.

Admission requirements

Applicants must submit the following materials to the Department of Dance with their application:
1. a professional curriculum vitae with emphasis on the level of dance education attained
2. a cover letter with emphasis on the intended major
3. a video recording of their own pedagogical output

The admission procedure consists of two elimination rounds:

1) For the first round, the candidate will prepare 2 combinations of their choosen specialisation (classical dance or modern and contemporary dance or folk dance techniques) for pedagogical demonstration.
2) Simultaneously they shall submit to the commission a written preparation of their two pedagogical demonstrations.
3) a written test of general culture, of the history of dance and ballet, and of the history and theory of music.
4) a practical examination in dance techniques (classical, modern and contemporary, folk).

1) presentation of two pedagogical demonstrations of their own, the preparation of which was submitted in Round 1.
2) interview on the basic knowledge of the system of dance technique (classical, modern and contemporary or folk dance); a methodical approach to the analysis of the individual elements is required.
3) interview on dance pedagogy - preparation and execution of the lesson, attitude of the teacher towards the pupils, interest in the field, overview of what is happening in the field of art, etc.

The conditions of the admission procedure, including the determination of the method of scoring and its range, are regulated for each academic year by the relevant decree of the Dean, which is subject to approval by the Academic Senate of the Faculty.

If there are not enough applicants meeting the score requirement, the guideline number will not be filled.
There is a fee for studying in English. The amount of tuition fees for each study programme, including specialisations, is set by the Dean's Decree, which is published in the relevant section of the faculty website in English.



Degree level bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
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