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Msc.Directing of Dramatic Theatre

The two-year programme in directing is focused on developing individual students` personal talent aptitudes and on independent artistic creation with the goal of proceeding from staging shorter dramatic productions to directing a feature-length play in the Disk Theatre or other theatrical space which makes it possible to develop the collaboration of all production components in circumstances commensurate with the demands of a professional theatre. Graduates should be well-equipped technically for their professions and should have mastered a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge in the theory and history of their field in connection with the development of world art and history generally. They should be oriented in the broad domestic and foreign context, and be able to interpret contemporary theatre and their own experience with it in a creative manner.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the Masters programme in directing must be capable of independent creation and is able to develop an integrated stage form on an appropriate artistic and professional level. His/her skills must include the ability to reflect on specific issues of directing in the written Masters work on an appropriate theoretical level. He/she must have mastered the professional fundamentals of directing not only in theatre but also in other media, radio, television, and should be able to orient himself/herself in production, as well as in the organisation and management of a theatre. He/she can find future professional employment in all of these areas.


Applications start 8th October 2018
Applications end 31st January 2019
Start of study: 1st October 2019
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Admission requirements

Successful completion of the entrance examination, in which the student presents and provides a rationale for the topic and content of the two-year Masters programme. If the student is coming from another arts school, he/she must undergo a two-phase admissions process consisting of a written elaboration of the directing and dramaturgy conception of a one-act play and a feature-length play with a specific idea of their stage realisation. In a subsequent interview with the candidate, the commission will examine his/her aptitudes of talent and education, the type of practical professional training which he/she has undergone, and his/her psychological disposition and communication skills. Tests are administered as needed to examine the candidates fantasy and empathy, as are specific tasks of a directing solution for a dramatic situation in space. A presentation and scholarly defence of the candidate`s own artistic work is desirable: a theatrical production, a scenic realisation, a television or radio production, a compelling directing or authorial contribution to a scenic work, a realised directing and stage design conception, etc.



Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 9000 per year
Akademie múzických umění v Praze