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Msc.Arts Management

The Masters programme builds on the Bachelor's programme and is intended for its successful graduates as well as for other students. Despite the fact that the programmes main focus are various theatrical forms including modern ones (new circus, scenographic theatre, happenings on the fringe of genres, etc.), unlike the Bachelor?s programme instruction is expanded to other areas, in particular so-called live scenic art (also called "performing arts"), i.e. dance and music, and peripherally to other types of art as well.
The content of the main subjects is determined in particular by the selected programme specialisation (see www.damu.cz), or the approved topic of the Masters project. This provides for an individual approach to the student, for whom an individual study focus is formulated on the basis of the adopted theoretical direction and by agreement with an expert consultant; the focus is based on the students professional interests, his/her acquired practice, experience and possibly also his/her Bachelors programme. <br>The instruction is focused in particular on developing the students creative production and managerial abilities, on his/her personal development and on a research project in a selected area.
The instructional methods also include direct contact with prominent producers, artists and experts in the area of arts management (in the non-commercial and business spheres alike), or direct contact on the part of students with events in the area of culture e.g. by attending scholarly conferences or participating in seminars organised by the most variegated entities active in culture.

Graduate profile

Graduates are capable of independently defining artistic projects, performing analyses and feasibility studies of artistic projects, defining strategic and realisation plans, assembling working teams, directing them, and possibly leading smaller theatrical organisations or the non-artistic departments of large institutions in the performing arts.
Graduates are prepared for work in the management of theatrical institutions, in particular non-profit repertory theatres, possibly business entities in culture, or as independent initiators of artistic activities - producers, possibly analysts in the area of the conditions of running an artistic operation.


Applications start 15th October 2020
Applications end 31st May 2021
Start of study: 1st October 2023
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Admission requirements

In order to be accepted into the programme, the candidate must demonstrate extraordinary aptitudes of intellect, personality and talent, as well as knowledge of, and excitement and motivation for, the programme.
Candidates for the programme are tested on knowledge in the extent of the questions on the state final examination for the Bachelor`s programme in production in the Department of Production at DAMU (all areas - law, economics, management, marketing, and history and theory of theatre). Extensive knowledge is thus assumed in all areas necessary for understanding the inherent laws of running a theatrical operation.
Additional prerequisites are the aptitudes of personality necessary for leading and directing a working team, creativity, and the necessary level of artistic talent enabling the candidate to recognise the value of an artistic work.
The candidate must document at least some work experience in the area of directing and organising an artistic operation, e.g. a portfolio of realised projects or work experience in a professional institution.



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 6000 per year
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