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Msc.Dance Education

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

The programme?s objective is for students to perfectly master the issues of dance pedagogy in the selected specialisation of classical, modern or folk dance, to deepen practical experience working at various pedagogical levels at primary schools, secondary vocational schools (at conservatories) and in professional ballet (dance) troupes (theatres). Students will elaborate their own personal profile of the top artist, pedagogue and expert in dance and movement theatre which they conceive within themselves.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the continuing Master?s programme in the field of Dance Pedagogy has further developed the education obtained in the Bachelor?s programme, in particular in respect of the selected specialisation in a specific dance technique or style. This involves deepening the student?s practical dance experience and knowledge in the area of didactics and methodology. At the same time, individual profiling of students should have occurred, which is reflected in his or her diploma work. In the area of the theory and history of dance, the graduate will have developed the ability to think critically generally and with respect to dance in particular, and will be familiar with contemporary approaches to the study of dance. A graduate of the Master?s programme in Dance Pedagogy should be prepared to work as a pedagogue at all levels of dance education as well as in the role of a pedagogue and instructor in theatre ballet troupes and professional dance ensembles. It is expected that a graduate will make a distinctive contribution to the further development of dance education.


Applications start 1st March 2018
Applications end 31st March 2018
Start of study: 1st October 2019
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Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 9585 per year
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