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Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

Graduate profile

A graduate of the Bachelors programme in Choreography should have acquired a complete education and expertise in the individual dance techniques in both their historical and contemporary conceptions, knowledge and skills in the area of choreographic arrangement and choreographic creativity. A graduate also has an overview of the history and theory of dance, thanks to which he or she can perceive the selected field in the context of dance generally, as well as in other artistic fields and in culture.


Applications start 1st November 2021
Applications end 31st August 2022
Start of study: 1st October 2022
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Admission requirements

Foreign students applying for the tuition free study in Czech language need to provide a certificate of Czech language proficiency of B1 level or higher (in accordance with CEFR) from an acredited institution along with their application. Foreign students in the English programme need to provide a certificate of English language proficiency of B2 level or higher.

The prerequisites for admission are completed secondary school, choreographic talent, knowledge of dance techniques, ideally at a professional level, interest in the field documented by prior creative practice, knowledge of music theory, musicality, overview of history of dance and ballet, music and theatre, general cultural insight.

The admissions procedure takes place in 3 elimination rounds:

by correspondence
1. video recordings of at least two complete choreographies (not fragments) of a differing nature, composition or number of dancers (a maximum of one solo) of at least 3 minutes or longer. The applicant is not restricted by dance style. Any potential brief descriptions or accompanying texts to the works (4-5 sentences) are welcomed, e.g. what the inspiration for the choreography was, how the author proceeded, what relationship they have to the accompanying music, whether the choreography was commissioned or consulted with anyone, etc. For the choreographies sent in, the work with the music and space, uniqueness of movement material, dramaturgical structure and potentially the art and musical concept will be assessed.
Attached to the application please include at least two confirmations on sharing of the video recording as hard copies and also send them in a machine-readable PDF to sekretariat.k107@hamu.cz
the selected applicants will be made public for attending round 2 of the admissions procedure

in person
1. written exam of general cultural maturity and on the history of dance and ballet
2. practical exam of dance techniques (classical, modern, folk dance)
3. practical performance of a third own choreography in a scope of 3-6 minutes, either using performers or in person. The choreography work must differ from the works in the first round.
in person
1. creation of a fourth choreography on-site of 3-6 minutes in a given time limit (approx. 3 hours) for assigned piece of music (selection from several options)
2. interview on the art of choreography and contemporary theatre, on the history of dance, music and theatre

Note: Appropriate dance clothes and footwear are necessary for rounds 2 and 3 of the admissions procedure.



Degree level bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 9585 per year 1

1 CZK 245000,- The prices are specified and valid in CZK; the amount in EUR is based on the exchange rate.

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