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Msc.Music Direction

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

Music Directing is a highly specialised programme requiring a comprehensive musical education. It trains experts capable of directing a musical recording, capable of collaborating with the other members of a recording team (sound-master, sound director) and also capable of successfully guiding and correcting the performers delivery to meet the requirements of a professional music recording.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the continuing Masters programme is able to direct, completely independently, even more complicated recordings of large and variously combined ensembles. He or she works closely with the recording team and is able to collaborate in an informed manner in creating the sound image of the recording while at the same time taking into account the needs imposed by the genre and style of the music being recorded. Professional profile of a graduate of the Music Directing programme: music director in a radio or television taping, music director for making recordings for music media (CD, DVD, etc.). For the breadth and depth of musical education which this programme provides, however, there is also the possibility of applying ones skills as a music editor or dramaturge (e.g. at radio stations, etc.).


Applications start 1st March 2018
Applications end 31st March 2018
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Admission requirements

1) In the case of successful graduation from the Bachelors programme in Music Directing, a written examination will test the candidates level of general music knowledge and skills (including advanced orientation in scores, transposition, less-common keys, non-traditional musical notation, etc.) as well as his or her level of specialised knowledge in the given field acquired during previous studies. 2) In the case of candidates from other fields, the relevant aural prerequisites must be tested as well.



Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 11150 per year
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