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Bc.Saxophone - Jazz

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

Playing a saxophone in a jazz context is a complex discipline encompassing solo expressive ability (with or without accompaniment) and in particular the ability to integrate one?s playing into a jazz ensemble of any composition and stylistic focus within jazz and related genres. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to master theoretical knowledge from the history of jazz, jazz harmony and arrangement, and to undergo thorough training in the areas of jazz improvisation, development of a specific kind of musical ear and ensemble playing.

Graduate profile

A programme graduate is capable of integrating himself or herself into the artistic process under the direction of another jazz creator - a composer, arranger or ensemble leader of any stylistic focus and composition within the scope of jazz and related genres - and to fulfil his or her specific role in a concrete musical context. He or she is also capable of independent artistic expression and the realisation of his or her own artistic projects, and to this end is competent to lead his or her players. In the long term, he or she is capable of maintaining and further developing his or her artistic ambitions, of perfecting his or her musical abilities, e.g. through further study, of following world musical developments not only in jazz, and of approaching his or her musical ideal.


Applications start 1st November 2017
Applications end 30th November 2017
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Admission requirements

Technical level commensurate with a conservatory graduate, expressive ability in jazz style, i.e. developed sense of jazz rhythms, harmonics and melodics, improvisational ability.Basic awareness of the development of jazz and its main purveyors in its various developmental epochs.Knowledge of the most prominent players of the candidates instrument. The talent examination will consist of demonstrating expressive ability in jazz styles at an appropriate technical instrumental level, as well as verification of the candidate?s auditory abilities.



Degree bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 6651 per year
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