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Bc.Sound Production

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

The Bachelor?s programme is conceived as an artistic programme for graduates of secondary schools (conservatories, academic high schools, industrial schools, etc.) who have aural abilities as well as technical and musical knowledge and skills at the required level. The basic focus is on training students for individual and team creative work with sound in the area of autonomous sound production, in particular music recordings, realisations of electronic sound, sound post-production, sound dramaturgy of autonomous sound works and stage sound. In addition to the specialist, technical and acoustic-theoretical subjects, the instructional plan is oriented toward supplemental music-theoretical education, knowledge of the history of music and repertoire, aural analysis, recording analysis and orientation in note recordings.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the Bachelor?s programme in Sound Production at HAMU is capable of performing independent creative work with sound. He or she must know how to connect mastery of the latest technical means and methods with an aesthetic quality and individual creativity, and how to connect the psychophysiology of aural perception with the current aesthetic norms of sound communication ? in particular in recordings of classical music and jazz, in realising electronic sound and in generally creative work with sound in the area of autonomous sound production. Graduates can apply their skills as sound-masters, in particular in small recording and music post-production studios, cultural organisations with a requirement of professional work with sound, or as stage sound-masters, pedagogues at primary arts schools (in the fields of Electronic Music Processing and Sound Production).


Applications start 1st November 2017
Applications end 30th November 2017
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Admission requirements

Successful completion of two-round aptitude test consisting of a theoretical and practical assessment of the candidates talent prerequisites, i.e. aural differentiability and memory, imagination with respect to sound and the ability to analyse sound information in quantitative and qualitative respects, basic orientation in acoustics, electronics and sound technology, knowledge of musical styles, genres and musical instruments with respect to their sound, and general cultural knowledge. Upon successful completion of the first part of the examination, candidates will undergo a test in music theory and an audiometric examination. Also during the closing interview, they will be tested on their ability to play a musical instrument.



Degree bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 12715 per year
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