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Bc.Percussion Instruments

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

The programmes task is to deepen the students playing technique on percussion instruments, to build up his or her solo, chamber and orchestral repertoire, to familiarise him or her with new principles of contemporary music, as well as for him or her to acquire practical experience with concert activity including his or her own dramaturgy and pedagogical grounding.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the bachelors programme is able to interpret musical works as a solo performer and in an ensemble; is familiar with inherent rules of historical and contemporary music, and develops them in a creative manner.He or she is prepared for work in top symphonic orchestras,as well as for pedagogical work in the field.


Applications start 1st November 2017
Applications end 30th November 2017
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Admission requirements

Significant talent, sense of rhythm, musical memory, interpretive imagination, developed musical ear, command of playing technique at least at the level of a graduate of the 4th year of a conservatory. Repertoire for the entrance examination: 1) Multi-percussion set-up One composition of the candidates choice from the following list or another composition of a similar level and focus. William Kraft:French Suite Rick Tagawa:Inspirations Diabolique Charles Boone:The Watts Towers Jacques Delecluse:Cinqpieces breves David Lang: The Anvil Chorus 2) Marimba, vibraphone One composition of the candidates choice from the following list or one movement of a solo concerto or another composition of a similar level and focus(at least part requiring the use of four drumsticks). Akira Miyoshi: Conversation Minoru Miki: Time for Marimba Gary Burton: 6 pieces for vibraphone solo Josep Soler: I com el cant del rossiynol Kristina Moszumaka-Nazar:3 Concert Etudes (one of them) 3) Required works: I. Zelenka: Cadence from Fantasy for Timpani and Drums (from memory) D. Agostini:March-Goul1, 2, 3 for small drum (book no. 5) 4) Improvisation on a percussion instrument for the examination committee (3-5 minutes) 5) A short prima vista (sight-reading) examination to determine the candidates sense of rhythm and rhythmic memory



Degree bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 6651 per year
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