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International Symposium Bertolt Brecht: Contradictions as a Method

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International Symposium Bertolt Brecht: Contradictions as a Method is held under the auspices of Robert Plaga, the Czech Minister of Education, and Jan Hančil, rector of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. It results from an international research collaboration between Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU), The S Word and The Stanislavsky Research Centre of the University of Leeds.

The symposium will explore Brecht’s influence on the work of directors and acting teachers, and the relationship between Brecht and Stanislavsky; trace the influences on the approach to directing theatre in various countries, to playwriting and consider Brecht’s politics and theatre as a highly social art. A comparison with Stanislavsky’s approach to theatre training, the development of modern theatre directing, and dramatic, alternative and authorial theatre will also be explored.

The symposium will bring together a number of distinguished guest speakers, who helped to explore and develop the legacy of Bertolt Brecht through their scholarly and practical artistic excellence. The event will host Professor Stephen Parker, author of the most recent and acclaimed Brecht’s Biography, Professor Jean-Louis Besson, author of over 100 publications, translations, articles and papers, Thomas Ostermeier, the distinguished multi-award-winning international theatre director, Professor David Barnett, Brecht scholar and theatre director, David Zoob, British theatre director and theatre teacher and other international and Czech theatre scholars and practitioners.