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1000 Jeřábů / 1000 Cranes

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Contemporary Theatre and the Dance Department of HAMU cordially invite you to the dance performance 1000 Jeřábů / 1000 Cranes. Petra Hájková´s choreography is based on an ancient Japanese legend and a story of a girl named Sadako who became ill after the atomic bombing on Hiroshima. Legend has it that one wish comes true for everyone who assembles a thousand of paper cranes. Sadako wished to recover from her illness, however she was only able to assemble 644 cranes. She has inspired many of her friends and schoolmates. Her memorial in Hiroshima where she holds a golden crane in her hands has become a symbol for consequences of atomic bombings. Every year there are countless paper cranes sent to the memorial to show a sense of unity, peace and hope. The choreography has been created as a final product of scholarship programme of dance platform Contemporary theatre – Summer LAB 2018 and as a final assignment of master studies in Choreography at HAMU.