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Orientation Week

Orientation week serves to all incoming international students to get more familiar with their university, Prague, Czech culture and with each other. Never underestimate how handy it is to know your way around the city and university campus prior to the beginning of the study!

Charles University

The orientation week is taken care of the ESN network and is organized differently for each faculty of the school. Find out more information here.

We also want to invite international students to Welcome Day for International Degree Students.

Prague University of Economics and Business

Orientation Week is organized one week prior to the start of semester by the International Office staff – more information here.

Czech Technical University in Prague

Orientation Week is held one week before the semester starts and provides a lot of important information, so it’s highly recommended you take it. More info here.

Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague

As well as on the Charles University, even here is the orientation week in the hands of external organization, another branch of ESN. Find out more info here.

University of Chemistry and Technology

Even here the orientation week is in the caring hands of ESN – find out about it as well as much more interesting info right here.

Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague

Orientation week is held every semester one week prior to the beginning of semester, i.e. the last week of September and the first week of February. For Master’s degree program regarding students studying at UMPRUM for two years, the orientation week is organized once during the academic year in the first week of winter semester, i.e. the first week of October.

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Orientation week is held in different times at each faculty (usually one or two weeks prior to the beginning of winter semester), please ask your study coordinator for more information!