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Guided tour – Monastery of Břevnov

Life HacksAuthor: Dra. Stephanie L. Proskauer-Peña

Last Saturday, February 15th we have got the opportunity to visit the Monastery of Brenov on a guided tour provided by the CU point.

As part of the program CU Ambassador I would like to share this nice experience that comes with the perks of studying on the Charles University in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Bottom line, this Monastery is an historical jewel, as well as the whole country which is the one with the most castells per capita in the world, almost every city, do not even mention Prague is almost like a museum and worth to explore. This historical building has more than one thousand years old is situated just on the outside of Prague, around 15 minutes by public transportation from the beautiful city center of the capital of the Czech Republic.

We started gathering at at the main entrance with other international students from all over the world that also study on one of the 17 different faculties of the Charles University, then around noon the tour began.

The first place we visited was the summer house called Vojteska, that is located on the garden next the monastery, built just above a spring of water that carries the historical story about the foundation of the monastery.

The main building was built on the 1700s designed to host 15 monks but nowadays is only hosting 10 monks making this enclosure one of the oldest living monasteries in the Czech Republic. It has several halls that served once as the residence of higher priest or aristocratic visitors, among one of the most interesting rooms there is the Theresian Hall, magnanimous and magnificent to the eye.

After finishing this we headed to the crypt which holds the foundations of the original church.

The last place to visit was the church which until today is active and celebrates several masses for public.

You can have this and other similar experiences when visiting or studying in the Czech Republic, definitely worth every single effort, from learning Czech language, even for touristic purposes or for studies, and until you can adapt and enjoy all the things the Jewel of Europe has to offer.