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Winter time in and out of Prague

Life HacksAuthor: Daria Suratova, Russia

Although the winter started less than month ago, the weather was quite freezing for a while, but almost without snow. Coming from Russia, it is unusual to have this relatively warm winter period, because I’m used to go skiing every weekend and here in Prague there is no such opportunity. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of advantages to this: it is far more comfortable to go for walks (and Prague is all about parks and other walking trails). My personal favorite destinations are the Divoká Šárka, natural reserve on the northwestern outskirts of Prague full of trees and rocks and a lake (and, apparently, deer, although I didn’t see any) and the area of Srbsko village, near Karlštejn. What is also quite peculiar is that people are surprisingly exited about ice skating. Ice rinks are always crowded with both locals and tourists, and it is possible to rent skates for relatively small price.