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Winter in Prague

Life HacksAuthor: María Andrea Miranda, Colombia

I must begin by saying that back where I am from (Colombia) we don’t have seasons or anything similar; we are under the efects of the ecuatorial line wich means we have an unpredictable weather pattern that changes day by day, but never gets to any extreme temperature. That’s why for me, winter in Prague has been a completely diffrent but great experience. First, I was very concern about the cold; I was told the clothes I’m used to wear were not enought to protect me from winter temperatures and that I needed to buy proper winter garthments. And guess what?..It is true, but it doesn’t mean that you have to cover yourself in wool from head to toe or anything like that; a warm cote, some gloves, a scarf and something to cover your head is more than enough. Prague can be cold, true, but something you will notice is that it can also be very windy wich makes you feel even colder, so bare that in mind and be prepare. But don’t worry! you can also avoid spending too much time outside by going into shops, trams, bars and every indoor space, they are all warm and cozy. Second, the ending of autumn and the beggining of winter is beautiful to see… pale days with trees of many colors (red, yellow and orange); later, trees quickly lose their leafes and you’ll be surrounded by branches of tall trees and if you’re lucky, you’ll find it all covered in white, some say it is very rare to have snowing days in Prague.