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Life HacksAuthor: Jimena Mendoza

The climate in Prague is very extreme, during the year the temperatures change from cold and dry winters to absolutely hot summers. The four seasons of the year – winter, spring, summer and autumn – are very well defined although it has recently shown variations due to climate change in the world.

1.The winter in Prague is basically cold and occasionally you can see snow although this type of extreme weather corresponds to the province and its mountains. Temperatures can be around zero degrees. The coldest months will be from December to the end of January. Even when the temperatures sound harsh, remember that homes, institutions, markets and even public transport have heating.

2. In the spring you will enjoy a mild and pleasant climate, although March may continue to be cold since winter is just retreating. For April the days are longer and of higher temperatures although the rains are usually more frequent; However, May is one of the months with the best weather, spring is full and the streets are full of flowers, birds and people!

3. The summer is hot and can reach 38 ยบ C. In addition, as the heat is quite humid it is noticeable much more. In June the weather is still spring. July, meanwhile, is a month with exceptionally long days, quite hot with light and refreshing nights. August is the end of summer and with it the city is dressed in turmoil through its many visitors.

4. During the fall in Prague there is a mild climate. By September the extreme temperatures will have dissolved and there will be rains not very. October on the other hand is rainier and storms may fall with slightly cold climates. November is normally cold and begins to warn about the icy winter that awaits us, this month also begins the first snowfall.