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Trip to Karlovy Vary

Life HacksAuthor: Sabina Gajda

Have you ever wondered how does a magical town, located between hills, with a breathtaking architecture looks like? Now you have the opportunity to visit it! You can find Karlovy Vary in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, close to German border. And it’s not that far away from Prague either – it takes only two hours by bus to get there. And it’s a very nice trip, worth going. What to do there, you may ask, and I am here to give you the answer.

However, it depends on the season. For example, in summer, there is a film festival and if you are lucky enough, you can see the stars like Robert Pattinson, Anna Paquin or Stephen Meyer (like I did). The festival has its own unique atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. And the films screened there are amazing. They will impact you and force to rethink some issues.

In autumn the town is just simply amazing. The hills are covered with colorful leaves and you can breathe the fresh air only a health resort can provide. If you feel tired and want to relax, Karlovy Vary is definitely a place for you. Here you can taste Becherovka on the street or go to a cozy cafe and sip hot chocolate with a drop of this liqueur. There is a cake with Jan Becher’s drink as well, and it’s delicious. The well-known cafeteria is a part of Hotel Pupp, where the famous people come for holiday. Between the guest was even Goethe himself. Dvořák was living there as well. Some scenes from popular films about James Bond were filmed there.

Another great, must see building is an eastern orthodox church. It looks amazing from the outside. Very close to it, there is another church, which has been made into a wax museum. There you can see a Dracula, Frankenstein, but also ABBA and The Beatles and other interesting people. The figures in this environment look even more extraordinarily. Not far away from the exhibition is “lanovka”, a special tram which goes up the hill to the tower called Diana. From there you have a magnificent view of the whole town.

When you already came to Karlovy Vary it would be a pity not to visit the Becher Museum, even if it is a typical place for tourists. It’s better to book a place in advance. You can see the history of Becherovka liqueur – its origin, bottles through the time and how it affects people. The degustation is nice, you will try the three flavours of Becherovka – the original one, lemond and with a linden tree. If you want to try the 4th one, you have to pay additional fee. It is a sour liqueur mixed with wine. Small glasses to drink Becherovka is a nice souvenir.

30 minutes by train from Karlovy Vary is a Loket Castle and it’s lovely. It’s placed on a hill with a little town around it and it’s wonderful. Being there you can also visit a cozy gallery cafe with a homemade cakes. Its name is Galerie Cafe.

Karlovy Vary is a health resort definitely worth giving a try. Do you want to see if it’s true?