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Ponrepo Cinema

Life HacksAuthor: Jimena Mendoza

Ponrepo Cinema is the headquarters of the National Film Archive, it has a coffee house and a beautiful movie theater that attracts different audiences, mainly students, movie lovers and artists. Its program is divided into art-cinema, experimental and classic Czech films. About Ponrepo is important to mention that much of its programe is subtitled in English.

This cinema is an intimate and hidden space in one of the narrow streets of the historical center of Prague, located in a former 14th century Konvikt refectory that went from being the Jerusalem chapel, to being an organ school and important concert hall where musicians like Dvořák, Beethoven, Liszt and Wagner met.

In modern times the Konvikt became a ballroom and theatre. It will be until 1945 that cinema became popular in Prague, making it the auditorium and puppet film studio of the renowned illustrator and motion picture animator Jiří Trnka, which made the Czech film industry famous.

His name is taken from the magician and pioneer of Czech cinema, Viktor Ponrepo (1858-1926), founder of the first permanent cinema in Prague.

Here you can find its daily programation: https://nfa.cz/en/