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Place to visit – Brno

Life HacksAuthor: Sabina Gajda

Winter is a perfect time to visit other cities. Reason? Christmas markets at its fullest! But if you are not a fan of those, there are many things you can see there anyway. Brno is in the heart of Moravia at it’s totally worth visiting. There are many small squares there. In the exact city centre is orloj, a typical Czech clock, but this one is totally outstanding. Many people are making fun of it and no one really knows how to read the hour (even the architect himself). Every day at 11 o’clock there is a small ball coming out of the clock. But there are mostly homeless people or children waiting for it.

Close to there is a castle Špilberk. You can have a nice view of the city there. There is another castle near to Brno and it’s called Veveří. If you like nature – it’s definitely a must! The architecture in Brno is amazing, for example you can find many villas. The most famous one is villa Tugendhat where in 1992 on August 26, the political leaders of Czechoslovakia – Václav Klaus and Vladimír Mečiar – met there to sign the document that divided the country into the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

You can also find there villas called Stiassni, Löw-Beer and Jurkovič. Also while being in Brno, you should visit the theater. The plays usually are not sold out like in Prague, that’s why you can get a ticket for 50 CZK with isic card before the performance. And the show is as great as in the capital. Also the level of Christmas Markets is comparable to those in Prague. My favourite drink is a black currant mulled wine, which you don’t get in the capital. There is a lavender mulled wine too and it’s very good. But the markets are not there only for the food and drinks! You can also buy there many local products like ceramics, metal bells, light candles, christmas ornaments and other stuff.

Brno is a city in a shape of a human, and there are not so many tourists. In Brno you can also find many nice coffee shops and pubs. If you love cakes, then you should definitely visit Cukrářství Martinák, which offers many homemade pastries. Another place, which is worth giving a try is Café Placzek. There you can find even a lavender latte! If Czech beer is all you can think of, then go to the U dřevěného Orla or Vlka. They have beer with flavours like mango, elderflower, strawberry, raspberry and so on. And it doesn’t cost much! While being in Brno, you can’t miss the Dalešické beer – perfectly brewed one. Where you can have a sip of it? At Zelená Kočka! Hungry for more? What about a tiramisu made with… beer? It will provide you with unforgettable taste. If you want to try it Pivovarská Starobrno is a place, where you should definitely go!

If you are a fan of unusual places, then the cave Macocha is waiting for you. It is not that far away from Brno. You can take a train or a bus to get there. You go in the cave on the boat and the trip is amazing. Just remember to book the place in advance. Which side of Brno will you discover?