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Life HacksAuthor: Jimena Mendoza

While choosing your insurance, you will find several companies, we mention here some of the most reliable offering comprehensive insurance: VZP, UNIQA, SLAVIA and MAXIMA.

The conditions are practically the same in all of these companies. However VZP has the biggest number of signed doctors and medical institutions that is why most of the Czech people subscribed it. From the other hand UNIQA and SLAVIA has the biggest number of positive references. There are smaller companies like MAXIMA, which offer same comprehensive insurances.

You should read carefully the contract of you agreement to fulfill the insurance necessary for you stay in Prague; most of them are covering in all Schengen area.

The necessary information to provided is: First name and surname/ Date of birth/ Number of your foreign passport/ Citizenship/ Address of your residence in Czech Republic/ Term of insurance/ Date of signing the insurance agreement.

Note: keep the information regarding your previous insurance for getting a discount as a permanent client in the renovation.

The insurance cost depends of the period and the age of the applicant. For students between 17 to 26 years old, there is a special tariff, for example: 4 100 Kč / 4 Months,  21 800 Kč / 1 year in VZP company, approximately.

Its possible to acquire and pay the insurance by Internet, payment is in Czech crowns (according the currency rate). You will get a voucher from your insurance company, which proves the fact that you have paid it. It will be also necessary in the Department of Interior on case you want to prolong your permission of residence or obtain a short-term visa.