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Emergency Numbers

Life HacksAuthor: Jimena Mendoza

Remember this number because is the GENERAL EMERGENGY NUMBER working throughout all European Union that could assist you. It should be used just in case of urgent emergencies concerning with: Police, Fire and Medical Assistance. The operator for this number speaks English, German and Czech language. The number is free of charges and its possible to dial from any phone. Your number will be automatically registered to expedite help.

There are another important numbers to remember during your stay in Prague that could help you in case of troubles, notice them:
150 – Fire Emergencies.
155 – Medical Emergency.
158 – Police.
1230 – Emergency Road Service.

First Aid and Hospitals

If you need First Aid or hospitals, the friendliest hospitals with special departments for foreigners and English-speakers are Na Homolce and Motol. With 24 – Hours’ attention and pharmacies, here the address and direct contact:

Nemocnice na Homolce
address Roentgenova 37/2 (Prague 5)
+420 257 271 111

Hospital Motol
address V Úvalu 84/1, (Prague 5)
+420 224 435 736

Emergency Vocabulary

These are few words that could help you while visiting doctors in Czech Republic:

Emergency – Naléhavý případ
Help – Pomoc
Sick – Nemocný
Doctor – Doktor, Lékař
Hospital – Nemocnice
Child – Dítě
Poison – Jed
Dentist – Zubař
Tooth – Zub
Pharmacy – Lékárna