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Eating out – going to restaurants

Life HacksAuthor: Daria Suratova, Russia

First, I need to admit that I’m not that much of a restaurant person. Even though, I love exploring new places and trying various cuisines. Studying in an international collective we try to make cultural exchanges and national cuisine is a vital part of it. There is in general an enormous number of restaurants in Prague for people of all tastes and levels of pickiness. In the central Prague 1 the majority of places are very touristic and you definitely need to know where to go in order to pay less, and the best places are quite secluded, so better ask for advice from locals or students who already spent some time here. As for me, I enjoyed Indian places here a lot, especially “Indian by Nature” and “Dhaba Beas” (they didn’t pay me for commercial, I swear). In Prague 7 there are a bunch of nice bars/restaurants with affordable prices. The last thing is: don’t miss a huge number of bakeries with fresh pastries and good coffee – I recommend Antonínovo pekařství, which has a lot of branches all around the city.