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Basic czech expressions

Life HacksAuthor: Brina Steblovnik, Slovenia

Even if czech language is too different from your mother tongue to learn it effectively in a short time, it’s always nice to learn a few words, that allow you to exchange a few words with non-english speakers or to show kind regard for the people and country you’re visiting.

»Dobry den« (formal, lit. Good day) and »Ahoj« (informal) is a way to say hello. To ask: how are you?, you say: »Jak se mate?« and you can answer with: »Dobre« (good) or »špatne« (bad). To say thank you or please, you use the same word: »prosim«. And goodbye is »Na shledanou« or short: »nashle«. Yes is »ano« and no is »ne«. Some other useful words to know at college are:

Vyborne (excelent), Dobry napad (good idea), Co je to? (what is that?), Co to znamena? (what does it/that mean?), co delate? (what are you doing?), obed (lunch).