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Banking – Opening a Bank Account

Life HacksAuthor: Wei Lieh Lee

As a full time student in Prague, getting a bank account is pretty easy. There are quite a number of banks that you can get a student account, which does not have a monthly fee. The bank I went to was KB bank (Komerční banka). Their edge limit for a student account is 29 years old and below (if not, a monthly fee of 39CZK will be charged). What you need to do first is to go to the pobočka branch, next to The Powder Tower, to set an appointment. There are 3 things you need to bring to open an account:

  1. your travel document (passport),
  2. an other identity card from your country of origin, example a driver’s license or your country’s identity card,
  3. a printout document from your school (in Prague) that indicates your are a students.

Once your account is set-up, you will receive a debit card within a week.

KB bank also has an app, which you can download to check on the balance, manage online transfer of money and other banking activities.

Hope you find this useful.