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The way I spend my free time here in Prague

Life HacksAuthor: Daria

Prague is indeed a very vibrant, cosmopolitan, active city, something new is constantly happening. Every week there are vernissages, festivals, celebrations — you can easily keep yourself updated with Facebook events. Our international group at UMPRUM often organizes some parties or excursions to explore the city. I prefer to combine these activities with more calm ones, like wandering around in numerous Prague parks, which I’m personally obsessed about. There even exists a map with all fruit trees in Czech Republic and you can easily collect some apples or walnuts using it (https://na-ovoce.cz/map/). Recently I started going to gym and swimming pool as well, which gives me some extra energy and I feel very refreshed after it. Also, I wanted to mention that it is quite easy to go to a cinema here, there are a lot of places with English-friendly options.