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Sunrise from the Charles Bridge

Kathrin WeberLife HacksAuthor: Kathrin Weber

You must think, “Charles bridge? Isn’t that the number one touristy thing to do? Aren’t these tips supposed to be “insider tips?”. Well, you are kind of right but I personally think it is a must do to see the sunrise from the Charles Bridge at least once.

Time to be at the Charles Bridge latest by 45min before the sun actually rises, it will already be a little light by then but still enough time to see the night turn into day. Just check the sunrise time online and plan according to this. I went there in October, so it wasn’t actually that early to go, we were there around 6:45am and the sunrise was about 7:30am and it was really bright from 8am on.

Also, be prepared, you won’t be the only one there (I know crazy, right?). There might be quite a big group of, mostly Asian, photographers with their professional tripods and huge cameras. Don’t get intimidated by it, I just took my iPhone with me, which was totally fine to take great pictures with. But if you have, take your GoPro or something similar and take a time laps for sure, it looks pretty impressive!

Besides, depending on the season you’ll do this, don’t forget to wear extra warm cloth, it will be freezing cold just standing there, waiting for the sun to rise.

Another tip, I would also love to see the Charles Bridge at sunrise with the famous fog over the river, I think this is one of the most magical moments you can have in Prague. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see that with my own eyes yet but I will definitely keep hunting this moment and let you all know if I caught it!

Lastly, try to make this experience with some friends and then go all together for a super early breakfast afterwards.