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Prague – what to skip when sightseeing

Kathrin WeberLife HacksAuthor: Kathrin Weber

As Prague is a beautiful city that has lots to offer for tourists, most of the most famous places will usually be very crowded and sometimes it is not fun at all to visit these sights. In the following I will give you some tips what you can skip to do if you don’t want to be stuck with all the tourists!

Charles Bridge

Unless you go there at 6am (or for sunrise!), skip the Charles Bridge. Pretty much at any time of the day and the week, especially the weekend, it will be overcrowded. Sometimes it is impossible to see anything of the bridge itself and walk freely with all the tourists on it. This is not really a lot of fun, as you’re being pushed over the bridge in a huge bulk of people. Rather go to one of the other bridges, especially Jiráskuv most, next to the Dancing House, offers a great view on the castle and the Charles bridge. If you’re not hunting the view of the Charles bridge and the castle, I can also advise you to go to Trojsky Most, a very modern bridge in Praha 7, which you wouldn’t expect in Prague, definitely worth a visit!

Prague Castle

Another thing you can easily skip is the Prague Castle, it is nice to go there during the week, when there are not that many people, but that doesn’t happen too often. My recommendation here is to rather to go to Vysehrad. It is also a very lovely spot to enjoy the view over the city and the Vltava. You can stroll around in the fortress complex, visit the church and have a look at the very impressive and old cemetery. Sometimes during the weekend there will be some old timer shows or different events, definitely check that out. It is a rather relaxed place especially during the week.

Old Town Square

Furthermore, a quite disappointing place to visit is the old town square. The astronomical clock is not as amazing as you might imagine, especially when under construction. The square is usually way to overcrowded and during the Christmas market times it might take half an hour to get from one side to the other. Rather visit Jiřího z Poděbrad, it might not be as picturesque on all sides as the old town square but has a much more relaxed vibe. You will find a lot of locals sitting on the benches, enjoying the sunshine. Also, the best part about it are the amazing little cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops all around it. The prices here are also much more affordable, as it is not as touristy.


Most importantly when you’re on a sightseeing trip – skip the uber! Rather just walk everywhere. I can’t count all the amazing places I have randomly found while walking around Prague to get from a to b. It might seem much further away than it actually is, but usually you can walk everywhere in the town. You might walk past a little square somewhere hidden in Vinohrady or Vysehrad, two very beautiful neighbourhoods. I can highly recommend to just walk around there to discover the place and you will for sure find some great spots far, far away from all the tourists!