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Prague public transportation

Life HacksAuthor: Daria

In general, Prague public transportation system is very coherent and clear. Most of all, citizens opt for trams, as their network covers all the city and it is extremely comfortable to use them. They are usually 2-3 minutes late, but, besides that, they are always on scheduled time. Subway, as for me, is commonly used for long-distance trips. It is very handy to download an application (I use Pubtran, but PID Lítačka is also suitable) and therefore checking which tram/bus/subway to take is even easier. I didn’t have a single problem with buying a one-year pass, which costed a ridiculously small sum of 1250 Kč (48 euro) and you can obtain it on any big subway station. Do not miss the ferries, which are also a vital part of Prague transport system, although the majority of routes are available only for the summer period (more specifically, April-October).