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Living costs – how expensive Prague is for me, what is cheap and what is on the contrary very expensive

Life HacksAuthor: Daria

Talking about finances, as to me, Prague seems quite a cheap town to live in, especially comparing with other European capitals. There are various kinds of supermarkets for different budgets, and also a city is full of food markets, I usually buy local fruits and vegetables there (it’s also cheaper). Apart from that, you can find a bunch of flea markets, where literally everything imaginable is sold for reasonable prices. Surprisingly enough, thrift stores aren’t as cheap as I though they would be, but you still can find some decent clothes there. Talking about expensive part, I should mention that medicine is quite pricey — the good part is that with an insurance you can visit public hospitals for free. Otherwise, prepare yourself to go broke after visiting a private clinic. But don’t be upset, the best thing about Prague is, obviously, that beer here literally costs less than water. Enjoy!