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Typical Czech Pubs

Life Hacks

Do you want to experience a typical Czech pub during your stay in Prague? Here are some tips for you 🙂

U Medvídků

The U Medvídků restaurant is one of the largest and oldest beerhalls in Prague. Their special XBEER 33° dark lager is the strongest beer made in the Czech Republic in terms of its ABV (alcohol by volume).

U Fleků

The U Fleků brewery is the only brewery in Central Europe where beer has been brewed continuously for more than 500 years. It earned its fame by offering its special 13° beer and renowned traditional Czech cuisine.

Národní Brewery

A restaurant and brewery at an upmarket address, Národní 8, right next to the National Theatre’s New Stage. They brew their own beer, under the Czech Lion brand. Their 11° is a classic lager, it has a very full and malty, refreshing taste.

The Brewery Boat

In Prague, Czechs don’t brew their beer on land alone, but even on water! The two decks of a river boat moored by the Štefánikův Bridge hold all the equipment a microbrewery needs. Their 13 lager tanks produce two pale lagers, one dark lager, and two seasonal specials. To complement the beer and a wonderful vista of Prague Castle, the upper deck serves mainly traditional Czech cuisine