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Tips for the best Café

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There are hundreds of cafés all around Prague. If you are staying in Prague for longer period of time, you’ll definitely find your favourite! However if you come to Prague only for a visit here are some of our favourite places to share with you!

Mamacoffee Londýnská

This cosy café offers exclusively Fair rade coffee from their in-house Prague roaster. During summer you can enjoy a small outdoor seating area out front!

Alchemist Patisserie

Here you can enjoy possibely the most beautiful backyard garden in all of Prague. Only thinking of the premium coffee and their homemade pastries makes us wanna go there immediately!

EMA Espresso Bar

the most popular, the busiest and definitely one of the best espresso bars in Prague. If you manage to snag a seat, prepare yourself for plenty of Instagram opportunities!

Oliver’s Coffee Cup

one of the few cafés on Wenceslas Square where you can stop for a quiet cup of gourmet coffee.

Ye’s Kafe

a small hipster espresso bar that you can visit during your walk through Letná park. To go with your espresso

Municipal House Café

one of the most beautiful cafés in Prague. The Café is located in the Municipal House which i sone of the most mportant Art Noveau monuments in Prague. If you visit Prague you shouldn’t miss this place!