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Reasons Why Prague is the Home of World-Class Coffee

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When we say coffee, would you think that the Czech Republic is becoming a café superpower along the lines of London, Berlin nor New York? Maybe there five reasons will convince you!

  1. First of all there are plenty of high-quality Czech roasters, we like to keep up with the current trends and a unique coffee culture concept.
  2. Also the competition and popularity of cafés with the locals has kept prices at a reasonable level.
  3. Prague’s long history gives every café a unique context and the variety of styles and the individuality of the various neighbourhoods are what makes Prague special.
  4. Czech sweets are delicious and pair very well with coffee. Cakes, pies, cream puffs – you have to try them all!
  5. Most Prague cafés offer a relaxed atmosphere so that you can sit and chat over a cup of coffee.

Doesn’t that sound nice? Stay tuned for recommendations for the best Cafés in Prague! Coming soon 🙂