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Czech sweets

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Did you know that when Czech people go into a café they love to have a sweet dessert to go with their coffee. A lot of Prague Café have their own homemade sweet treats! But how do you know which one to get? Perhaps these photos will help you! 🙂

Kremrole (Cream Roll)

Puffy, crispy gough tubes filled with either whipped creame or meringue.

Větrník and Věneček (Creampuffs two ways)

The Větrník is larger and i tis usually filled with two kinds of cream – vanilla and caramel and topped with a caramel glaze. Věnečeks are smaller and have a hole in the middle. They are filled with custard cream and are glazed with sugar icing!


Czech macrons! Only larger, oval and flat. They’re filled with praline buttercream. Try it with cappuccino 🙂

Rakvičky (Little Coffins)

a Czech speciality, hollow rectangles topped with whipped cream. Their small size makes the man ideal accompaniment to coffee.

Buchty (Buns)

a traditional baked sweet from Czech fairy tales. Buchty are small square buns of sweet yeast gough with a variety of fillings – quark cheese, plum butter or poppyseeds.

Linecké (Linzer Pastries)

crispy butter cookies sandwiched together wit redcurrant jam. You can find them in shapes of circles or hearts.