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Life Hacks

Lítačka – Public Transport Pass


The card called “Lítačka” is a transport card, which is mainly used to travel within the public transport network of Prague. The use of this card includes all public transport in the city: metro, bus, tram, or electric mobile. The benefits of having the “Lítačka” card is that it is not required to sign or […]

Czech language


The Czech language is a language of the Slavic and Indo-European group and is spoken by approximately 10 million people. This is the official language of the Czech Republic and is closely connected with the Slovak in its structure and phonetic, its roots also expand to other languages such as Polish and Russian. This language […]



On the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 hours, the City of Prague Fire Services and Operations Center operates and maintains the warning system by activating the alarm- siren. Mermaids are often followed by a message (in Czech and English) about the nature of the emergency or confirming that it is only a test. […]



One of the great benefits that many European countries have is drinkable water; among them the tap water in Czech Republic is considered of very good quality since it has all the standards of cleanliness, good storage, without exposure to light and a constant flow system that allows us to always obtain it fresh. According […]



The climate in Prague is very extreme, during the year the temperatures change from cold and dry winters to absolutely hot summers. The four seasons of the year – winter, spring, summer and autumn – are very well defined although it has recently shown variations due to climate change in the world. 1.The winter in […]



While choosing your insurance, you will find several companies, we mention here some of the most reliable offering comprehensive insurance: VZP, UNIQA, SLAVIA and MAXIMA. The conditions are practically the same in all of these companies. However VZP has the biggest number of signed doctors and medical institutions that is why most of the Czech people […]

Emergency Numbers


112 Remember this number because is the GENERAL EMERGENGY NUMBER working throughout all European Union that could assist you. It should be used just in case of urgent emergencies concerning with: Police, Fire and Medical Assistance. The operator for this number speaks English, German and Czech language. The number is free of charges and its […]

Czech Crown

Czech Crown

The Czech Republic is one of the countries that conform the European Union, although in its agreement it was decided not to change to EUROS and keep its original currency called Koruna that in Czech means crown. It is known under the sign Kč that has the [ˇ] háčekaccent characteristic in the Czech language and […]

Remarkable Czech Women


The most beautiful city in the world, with narrow streets, amazing tenement houses, with a river and castle upon it – Prague. The city where everything starts. And the brave women, who lived here. They knew what they wanted and weren’t scared to reach for it. Destinnová, Horáková or Garrigue Masaryková are names, that maybe […]

Going to the doctor´s – my experience with medical care in Prague


My personal experience with Czech medicine is so far quite positive and unproblematic. I have a protracted problem with my ear, so in my case there was nothing urgent. At first, I wanted to visit a private clinic (I am used to do that in Russia — our public hospitals are something of a nightmare), […]