Everything about your study
in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Student Life in Prague

For all the students, Prague is a city of dreams. Hundreds of cinemas, art galleries, music halls, clubs, sport facilities and parks lay on top of each other. Boredom is never an issue. Choosing correctly how you want to spend your free time, now that is the real dilemma…

As the cultural and historical centre of the entire country, Prague will satisfy every need for educational or leisure activity you may desire. Even better, almost every university and their respective colleges are situated in the very core of the city, easily reachable from every direction by metro, tram, bus, or even on a bicycle in less than half an hour when you learn your way around.

To hipster or to paddleboard! That’s the question!

The ever-growing youth culture of Prague spreads across the city like wildfire, creating extraordinary places of various interests. Do you like to meet new people and hang out in artsy cafes and inviting pubs? Vršovice and Vinohrady are going to be your favourite town quarters. Would you like to go paddleboarding with your friends and discover the city from a completely different perspective? Or would you prefer to jog or have a picnic in one of the many parks and woods that take up almost 20 % of the entire area of the city?

Of cinemas and foodies

Are you a movie enthusiast who despises multiplexes and productions for the masses and you don’t want to miss out on the latest independent production? Then you’ll certainly find a satisfying refuge in one of the twelve art cinemas scattered throughout the city. Do you enjoy music, classical or contemporary, and you are open to discovering new bands and styles? Are you a proper foodie who never misses a chance to try something new, local, and exciting? Then you have virtually unlimited options. Every night and day there is something new happening. Prague might not be a city that never sleeps, but it definitely is a city that is never boring. Check it out for yourself!

How not to amuse ourselves to death

So many ways to have fun may be overwhelming at times and your student life isn’t always about partying with your mates without a worry in the world. For those occasions when you need some quiet me-time, visit a museum, or a library. The Municipal Library of Prague has 42 branches around the city, each one with its own section of English or other foreign language literature ranging from poetry to comic books. If you already own the card for public transport, the so-called “Lítačka”, the library membership costs just 2.5 Euros PER YEAR. You can register here.