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Researchers from BIOCEV centre and Charles University test hundreds of samples for coronavirus every day


One week after the approval of high-capacity testing, four teams of researchers from the BIOCEV centre have their hands full testing around 300 samples every day, including weekends. Samples are sent to the centre in Vestec from hospitals and care homes in Prague. BIOCEV, the biotechnological and biomedical centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (AS CR) and Charles University, also offers testing services to other institutions.

Over a hundred of the centre employees have volunteered to take part in high-capacity testing at BIOCEV. Volunteers help with both infectious and non-infectious material, the isolation and handling of RNA, PCR methodology, administration and logistics. Testing is primarily performed by the virological laboratories and research infrastructure of the CU 1st Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science, the Biotechnological Institute of the AS CR, and the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the AS CR. These research teams currently process around three hundred samples every day, although this number is expected to increase.