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How the foreign students from Charles University help to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic


There are many ways how to help under the pandemic time. Some of the foreign students of Charles University who stayed in Czech Republic collect information from their home countries regarding government policies that have been put in place in the wake of Covid-19.

The countries of the focus were Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, UAE, Ireland, the UK and others. Students initially recruited from the respecitve countries gathered the information on security measures varying from the use of face masks and gloves to quarantine durations and restrictions to the use of smart technology to monitor potential and diagnosed patients. All data were sourced primarily from official verified reports (WHO/local government/etc.)

This method should serve as a comparison of the actions taken by various countries, mainly around Europe but also a couple of non-EU countries and help to distinguish which countries were first to enforce the policies in relation to the first reports of coronavirus in each country, as well as which countries were delayed in doing so. This survey might be used for the further statistical and other purposes.

Source: Vitaly Fetissov, Abhilasha Thapa – https://praguevolunteering.cz/