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Charles University healthcare workers and medical students on the front line


Medical students and doctors connected to all medical faculties of Charles University decided to become actively involved in combating the coronavirus infection.

Thousands of students of Charles University are assisting in hospitals or regional public health facilities as healthcare workers, carers and auxiliary personnel in the taking and testing of samples, as well as e.g. child-minding for doctors and nurses, donating blood and platelets, helping to care for senior citizens etc. Students are also themselves setting up and organising volunteer platforms that bring together not only medical students, but also representatives of other healthcare fields. CU medical faculties primarily provide assistance in hospitals and other medical facilities in Prague. Pharmacy students from the CU Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové are also helping out in pharmacies. Future teachers from the CU Faculty of Education are organising child-minding, as well as helping children with study and homework.


Volunteers (source: Iforum UK)