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10 things to do when under quarantine in Prague

COVID-19Author: Kathrin Weber - University of Economics, Prague

I hope you’re all doing well and are making the best out of these strange and difficult days! I know no one would have expected us to be in this situation and it might be overwhelming sometimes but we’re all in the same boat and can help each other and be there to go through these times together! Therefore, I’ve written down 10 things you can do while being stuck at home. Some things might be obvious from this list and you’ve repeated them over and over, but I really hope some things are new to you and will brighten up your day!

Don’t feel discouraged and burry yourself in your bed, take these times as your chance to get back to what really matters: relationships, friendships, self-awareness and solidarity.

First of all, it’s the first day of spring today! So, get that old cleaning rag and do a spring clean of your whole flat or room. Also, clean your windows, you’re going to look through them for some more days and I can tell you it makes a big difference. So far, I’ve cleaned some weird things, but I’ve spent one or two days on it, so it’s totally worth it. I’m sure your fridge or dishwasher haven’t seen a rag and cleaning agent in some time!

Second, let’s all not forget there might be some people these days that need our help more than ever, maybe just put a note in your hallway or ask your elderly neighbours if they need help with their shopping or any other errands. You can easily go shopping for them and then leave the bag in front of their door without being in direct contact with them. We all lost a lot of privileges these days but let’s not forget our humanity and solidarity.

Third thing to do, continue or start to cook. What is better than a freshly cooked meal?

You can easily search for recipes on Pinterest or Kitchen Stories (a really cool App with loads of recipes and ratings by the community). If you’re a beginner make use of the huge content on YouTube where people will show you step by step what to do (channels like Jamie Oliver or Binging with Babish are great for this). My tactics have been to make very long and elaborate dishes to use the most time possible.

Fourthly, be creative or learn something new. Maybe you’ve always liked to write, now is the time to write stories, poems or just journal how you’re feeling, this might help if you’re feeling anxious about this whole situation (which we all do – I’m sure). Start drawing, learn dancing off of YouTube videos, download Duolingo and learn that Spanish you’ve always wanted to master. Read new books and the news, maybe get a paid subscription for your favourite newspaper, imagine how much money you save right now because you can’t spend it on going out. This is a worthwhile investment and helps you better understand the situation and keeps you safe from misleading fake news!

Fifth, go through your wardrobe, drawers and clothes racks. Sort out old clothes, now you have the time to try every single piece of clothing on you own and decide whether to keep it or not. I always ask myself if I have worn a piece in the past 3 months and if not, it’s probably its time to go. Make a bag of clothes you want to donate when you can go outside again and another pile of stuff you want to sell on online platforms such as vinted.cz or Facebook marketplace. For selling your clothes online you can already take pictures of the clothes and write their descriptions – believe me, this already takes ages!

Sixth, since it’s spring already, summer is just around the corner. Now it’s the time more than ever to embrace homework outs, imagine the day we go back to uni and you show up fitter looking than ever! There are plenty of Apps you can use, I personally love to use Freeletics which has loads of free workouts you can do at home. Luckily, they’re doing live workouts on Instagram at the moment as well. Cyberobics has made their whole offer on their App free right now (limited to countries but CZ is one of the countries that can enjoy all classes). Of course, also YouTube provides endless hours of workout content you can use for your sport activities at home.

Seventh, I know some of you are “stuck” here in Prague without your families, so I hope you’re all calling your parents and grandparents frequently, making sure they’re all alright. But what about writing them a letter or sending them a postcard? The post is still operating, and you can easily send them a postcard online, without leaving the house! Mypostcard.com is sending cards worldwide and you can choose any design, upload your own picture and write a personal note on it. I guarantee you your loved ones will be very happy to receive this, it’s the little things J.

Eighth, speaking of the little things, stay in contact with your friends and family. Now is the time where you can embrace old and new friendships, you have so much time, use it to call everyone you never had the time to call. Also, arrange virtual brunches, dinners or drinks. Isn’t this honestly the dream we’ve all secretly dreamed off? Have food or drinks with your friends without even leaving the house and then just go to bed? You could even wear sweatpants, no one would know!

Ninth, it’s the perfect time to start routines, we all have the time now. Have you always wanted to stretch in the morning after waking up or floss your teeth every time you’ve brushed them? If we now implement the little things in our daily routine, which we all should keep to some extent, it will be easier to take it over into the more hectic lives when everything is back to normal. Take the time and slow movement as a chance to become the best version of yourself.

Lastly, don’t forget the ones that might suffer the most from this situation, your small local businesses. Support them in any extend you can, no one wants to miss their favourite coffee shop once we can all go outside again. Most of them are still taking deliveries and you can always buy coffee beans from coffee shops for example. Maybe extend your walk to the groceries to your favourite local coffee shop (if it’s not too far) and get a coffee to go, they will surely appreciate it!

Stay safe and at home everyone!